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As an internet marketing company, our services are designed to help businesses increase their exposure, conversion rates and revenue. You generally have 7 to 15 seconds to catch the attention and retain a visitor that lands on your website. They will either seek more information or be lost forever. Whether you need landing page development or onsite optimizations, our team of experts will employ proven techniques to increase your websites conversions.

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  • Landing page design & development
  • Conversion oriented copywriting
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Landing Page Optimization by Webdigia

Landing page design, development, and A/B testing.

Are you using your website like a full time sales employee, receptionist, and customer service representative? Converting visitors is all about answering their questions, building trust, connecting, and guiding them in the right direction without any hiccups or uncertainties in the process. There are a few steps you should be following or are likely already undergoing. The first is creating or having an up to date website. The second is getting traffic to that website whether it is paid traffic from internet marketing campaigns involving PPC and other sources, or organically through optimizing your website for certain keywords in a process known as Search Engine Optimization. The last and often most important for seeing a return on your first initial steps is converting the traffic that is on your website. If your sales employee could never make a sale or even get any attention from any prospective clients, he probably wouldn’t last very long at your company, so why is it acceptable to keep a website that fails to ever convert or bring in new leads and customers?

At Webdigia, we specialize in onsite optimization involving proper on page text, the creation or optimization of landing pages, video inclusion, graphics, photos, testimonials, design, structure, color choices and more. All of these metrics can significantly impact your conversion rates. We’ll offer a way to track your conversion rates so you can see reports on how changes impact your traffic over time.

Why Converting Traffic is Important

If you’re currently benefiting from organic traffic from major search engines, converting is extremely important. If your website is hard to navigate, outdated, takes too long to load, or doesn’t offer trust and direction; the visitor is going to click back to the search results page and click on another link -which is probably your competition. Failing to even keep a visitor on the page long enough to convert them is a common problem that many websites and business owners face. Not only have we helped businesses keep their visitors on the page longer, we’ve also helped them create compelling call to actions (CTA) which significantly increase interactions and conversions.

A Few of Our Conversion Techniques & Services

Landing Pages

A landing page is ideal for highlighting and showcasing a product or a service with the intent to derive an action from the visitor. Landing pages are perfect for use in PPC campaigns as well as traffic from search engines, and it will contain conversion techniques based around its structure and layout, content and colors. When traffic “lands” on this type of page, the goal is to retain and again - encourage action whether it is making a purchase, filling out a form, or enrolling in a newsletter.


Copywriting is the art of creating copy, or content that will be used on your website. Content that connects with the reader, answers their questions, and then urges them to take action without extra fluff or pushy sales tactics that can scare some people off is ideal for increasing conversions. Our writers are highly trained in copywriting and SEO and are able to effectively mesh both with superior quality.

Web & Graphic Design

Both web design and graphic design are very important when it comes to onsite optimization with the intent to increase conversions. You may need a new website built if it is hard to navigate or completely outdated. People are highly visual and respond exceptionally well to a properly laid out website which includes high quality pictures and other relevant graphics.

Color Choices

Did you know that color choices have a profound impact on a visitor’s impression, sense of trust, and conversions? Colors like blue will create a moderately calming effect while green is attributed to making money, and black can offer an exclusive and professional feel. Changing the colors of arrows or CTA buttons can also significantly improve conversion rates.

Video Creation

Videos are an excellent way to increase the time a visitor stays on your page, and it is also a great way to educate and connect with your traffic. A video that offers value will likely be watched in its entirety and will also help improve conversion rates.

How it All Works

The Webdigia team will analyze your website in its entirety and provide a list of problem areas and recommendations in order to convert your traffic better. We’re able to approach your website with an unbiased opinion on how a visitor may see and interact with your website and its content. Creating call to actions and converting traffic involves both elements of psychology and creativeness. We’ll formulate a plan based on our findings and create a UI experience that does one thing, converts!

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Making changes to our website has always been a chore. The company that designed our website would make the changes, but not in a timely fashion. Webdigia’s maintenance service has kept our website up to date which has lead to an increase of our online conversions! We could not ask for a better service!

- John "Composite Molder"