Business Maintenance

If you own a business or are responsible for helping a business grow, you know how important it is to maintain relationships with clients, develop new business leads and contacts, and continually improve the functionality and operations that make up your product(s) and/or service(s).  A business website maintenance and management service provides all of these critical components, except online, where a website can accomplish bill pay, connectivity, exposure, generate leads and much more.  Whether you’re a small business just dealing in local territory or a large business that is competing across a much larger and competitive landscape; a frequently updated and user friendly website is a substantial part of maintaining professionalism, authority and converting organic visitors.  Where’s the first place a current or potential customer likely goes to research your company or your offerings?  The answer is online.  If you have an out of date website, layout issues, poor graphics, challenging information gathering and little to no content, what is that saying about the professionalism of your company?

What is Website Maintenance for Businesses?

Maintain Your Business Website IllustrationWebsite maintenance for businesses and full-scale enterprises is a powerful solution that provides website security, monitoring, analytics, management of a blog, social media and much more.  Summing it all up, this service provides changes and updates at the request of the business owner or person responsible for the business’ website.  In order to create or maintain authority online, your website needs to be continually updated with new content (ex: blog posts, press releases) at least a few times per month.  Common website maintenance requests under this service include:

  • Hosting Management
  • Domain Renewal and Management
  • Traffic Analytics and Reporting (where traffic is coming from, how many hits per month and more)
  • Business Email Setup, Support and Monitoring (add new emails, delete ex-employees email and more)
  • Onsite SEO Optimizations (improve natural search engine rankings)
  • Social Media Posting & Management (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Blog Maintenance (blog posting and optimizing)
  • Image Optimization and Inclusions
  • Video Optimization and Inclusions
  • Basic Graphic Design (buttons, banners, products and more)
  • Coding (HTML, CSS)
  • Content Editing and Generation (copywriting, proof reading and more)
  • Page Additions and Deletions
  • And much more…

Why Do You Need to Maintain Your Business’ Website?

The internet is a major source of research and purchases and with the explosion of internet ready mobile devices (tablets, smartphones and more), mobile web traffic is growing at an exponential rate.  Do you even know what percentage of your traffic is coming from mobile browsers, or if your business’ website is being displayed properly to mobile devices?  This is just one reason that you need to maintain your website; technology is constantly evolving.

Another reason is to remain active with current customers and to attract new ones.  A blog is a perfect way to provide resource information in which you are the expert.  Providing just enough information to help keep them coming back for more, while having the ability to up-sell current customers, or convert new visitors in signing up to a newsletter is a perfect example.  There are many other aspects that are all possible with the right website management approach.  Your current website design and usability also has a significant impact on a visitor’s perception of your business and whether or not they will stick around.  An estimated 87% of visitors surveyed, responded that the overall look, activity and functionality of a website directly affected their purchase decisions.

What Happens When You Don’t Maintain Your Business’ Website?

Not maintaining your website will cause issuesA lot can happen when you fail to maintain your website properly.  For comparison purposes, what happens when you don’t maintain your business’ physical brick and mortar location(s), the landscaping around the building and the person who first greets visitors and thus is representing the company as the first line of contact? How about your staff, products and services?  Your business’ identity, professionalism and customer perceptions and reviews will probably take a significant negative hit.  The same can be said about the failure to maintain and manage a website.  A website acts as a business’ online real estate, and unfortunately many businesses have not realized how important a website is and can be.

If your website is offline or a page is not working correctly and returning errors, it’s the same as if you had locked the front door at your physical building and not let anybody in during your normal business hours.  When a website is not maintained, there’s no one to tell you that it is offline or that it is outdated and has suffered a serious security threat.  There’s also no one to update the design to current web standards and trends, as well as provide ways to help increase visitor conversions.  Worst of all, when a website is not maintained, one click back to the search engines because your website was inaccessible or uninviting places the visitor directly in the hands of your competition.

How Webdigia Can Save You Time and Money

Webdigia's website maintenance will save you moneyManaging a business website or websites in-house can be costly.  Furthermore, if you do outsource your maintenance tasks it can also be extremely time consuming if you need to research and hire many different agencies (graphic designer, web developer, internet marketer, and hosting company) to accomplish what you need done.  When we put together our business website maintenance service, we designed it to be completely seamless and straightforward for local companies, enterprises and large businesses.  When you need to manage your online presence you need a company that is going to invest the time to understand who you are, what you do and what you offer.

By allowing Webdigia to maintain your online presence you will benefit from the elimination of all middle men, and have a company on your side that is fully versed not only in maintenance by also internet marketing.  We understand what it takes to convert visitors, and be found online.  We provide every aspect you could possibly think of all for a price that is significantly cheaper than an in-house website administrator or staff of IT personnel.  Don’t gamble with your online presence, talk to one of our experts today who can suggest the right plan for you or devise a custom solution to meet your unique needs.