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Built with you in mind, our PPC services are extremely powerful and affordable. Pay-Per-Click offers instant gratification when you need immediate results. Unlike other companies who randomly choose your keywords and set your campaign on autopilot, we’ll do extensive research and create or optimize your landing pages to ensure the best ROI possible. Each day we’ll monitor your account, make optimizations if needed, and keep you in the loop!

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Pay Per Click (PPC) by Webdigia

Campaign Research, Ad Creation, Optimization, and Management.

Could your business benefit from a hands free marketing approach that focuses on laser targeted leads? If you want to drive instant traffic to your website or websites, pay per click (or cost per click) advertising through Google Adwords is the perfect solution. Many businesses want and need immediate results. While search engine optimization is a long term organic and steady approach, PPC is an internet marketing technique that can bring in targeted paid traffic immediately. Through the implementation of a properly managed campaign, businesses are able to increase exposure on new products or startups, increase leads and inquiries, and boost sales and profits.

Customers are searching for your business’ products and/or services through major search engines like Google each and every day and your competition has likely already realized this. Pay per click campaigns place your sponsored ads directly in front of these users based on the keywords they input into the search query - which are matched with the focus keywords we select. We’ll research your business and help you select keywords by providing data on how many times each is searched on a monthly basis and which terms allow for the best possible ROI. No campaign is alike, because each keyword is different in scope. Webdigia will custom tailor a PPC campaign that matches your immediate and long term goals; giving you the results you need.

How Pay Per Click Works

By running a sponsored ad in a search engine you will pay a specific amount each time your ad is clicked by an end user. The cost of that click depends on the traffic of the keyword, the amount of competition competing for that keyword, and the quality of your campaign. The great part about the PPC model is that you will only pay when your ad is clicked versus the pay per impression model which is often used in newspaper and TV advertising campaigns. Your ads may appear on websites that offer Google advertisements (Adsense) where they will be displayed when the content on the page is similar to the keywords targeted, or they may appear in the search engine results above or to the side of the organic results page when a user submits a search query matching the targeted keywords of your PPC campaign. If all of this sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry! Webdigia’s team of experts will walk you through every step and manage the campaign from start to finish.

Pay Per Click Services by Webdigia Solutions

Webdigia is proud to offer a full scope of PPC services including: keyword selection, ad creation, ad copy, quality score and cost per click optimization, campaign monitoring, A/B testing, landing page creation or optimization and more. All of these are explained in further detail below.

»Keyword Research

In order for a PPC campaign to be successful, it must be focused on keywords that drive targeted and relevant traffic. Keyword research is one of the most important elements for ROI. For example, if you are trying to sell a blender, it would be of little use to send thousands of visitors to your website whom are searching for a toaster because the probability of them converting is very poor. Wrong keyword selection and lack of monitoring can quickly consume your ad budget. We’ll provide a list of profitable keywords which are focused on your business and the customer at varying stages of their research process. Referring to our example above, a keyword such as ‘buy brand name toaster’ may be far more profitable because the consumer is likely ready to buy and past the information gathering phase.

»Ad Creation

Sit back and let us get your campaign underway. We’ll create several different ads for use which each target a different keyword. Ad creation involves setting up your PPC campaign in Google Adwords or another platform, designing graphics, selecting and bidding on the proper pay per click amount to remain competitive against others competing for the same keywords, and creating compelling ad copy.

»Ad Copy

With a PPC sponsored ad, you only have a few words to attract the attention of a searcher. Ad copy is the text or content of an ad which is optimized for grabbing attention and then converting a click. Webdigia has a team of writers who will create relevant text that instantly identifies what the searcher is looking for, connects with them at a conscious level, and entices them to click through to see what comes next. Compelling copy will often outweigh a ranking position in the sponsored results and generate more clicks than poor titles and descriptions.

»Quality Score

Google administers a quality score out of 10 points to every PPC campaign that is setup. The optimal quality score to attain is a 7 or above which will result in a more effective campaign. A higher quality score will increase your ads positions in the results, and even lower the cost of each click your ads receive -increasing your campaigns ROI. The properties of a quality score involve relevancy of the ad and the page that the ad directs to, and factors like titles, descriptions and more.

»Campaign Management

PPC campaigns require continual monitoring and management. Webdigia will monitor your active campaigns daily to ensure that they are performing at their peak levels. Lack of monitoring can mean wasted ad budgets and decreased traffic. Each live ad will either be optimized to increase its performance, or discarded if it is failing to produce the desired results.

»A/B Testing

Part of PPC campaign monitoring and management; A/B testing involves increasing ad exposure (impressions) and conversions by frequently testing new ads and optimizing currently running ads. We’ll remove poor performers and replace them with new ads, and strengthen good ads to become great ads. A/B testing may involve graphic or text substitutions in order to realize the best and most effective campaign possible.

»Landing Pages

Also one of the most important elements of a PPC campaign, a landing page is the location that your traffic lands on (your homepage or an inner page) when they click your advertisement. Ideally you will want to have a separate landing page for each targeted product or service which contains relevant content, and is effectively designed and optimized to convert. If your website lacks a proper landing page, Webdigia may suggest the development of one before beginning your PPC campaign. Paying for traffic is worthless unless the visitor is converting and engaging in the desired action - whether it is to sign up to your newsletter, purchase a product, call your business, or submit a form online.

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