SEO Service Plans & Pricing

Basic SEO

Perfect for most small to medium sized businesses

  • Choose up to 35 keywords within 3 related industry categories
  • Check your website rankings for selected keywords (baseline report)
  • Analyze onsite SEO
  • Improve onsite SEO & add content if necessary
  • Create unique quality content about your keywords
  • Distribute content to blogs, social bookmarks, wikis, directories, etc.
  • Report links & ranking (end of the month report)

Starts as low as $525/month!

Advanced SEO

Competitive keywords require custom approaches

  • Research and choose your keyword focus
  • Meeting with our marketing team to brainstorm
  • Create a powerful, useful, and needed plan of action
  • Create a list of websites for links and discuss link placement
  • Outreach to authority sites via phone, email, or social media
  • Reverse engineering your competition
  • Report monthly link growth and rankings

Starts as low as $2,500/month!

We understand that SEO can be a confusing topic. If you have any questions call us 888-932-4898 ext. 1