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Webdigia and their passionate team members built the following services around you - the customer. Social networks are among the most frequently visited websites (by all age groups) making them the ideal marketing medium. Perfect for any sized business, our services allow you a hands free approach to maintaining your social media presence, optimizing current business pages, and full scale advertising campaigns to increase your followers.

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Social Media Marketing by Webdigia

Profile Development, Social PPC Marketing, and Management.

Social media networks have become some of the largest and most visited websites on the internet across all ages and demographics. This is a business’ and marketers dream resource. Have you noticed how major companies from around the world have placed their social network campaigns at the top of their marketing mix? With properly managed and marketed social pages and profiles, businesses are generating more brand awareness, customers and user interaction than ever before. By a single click of a button, an end user can be connected to your profile and be exposed to all your promotions, updates and more. If you already have a network of social pages - are you managing them correctly and using them for their true potential?

Webdigia offers exceptional services for social media network (Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts, Pinterest, and more) management, marketing and consulting. As an example, Facebook offers a cost per click advertising platform that can direct users to a Facebook page with the intent to get them to ‘Like’ the page or it can direct them to another destination, like a business’ website. When a business page has more likes on Facebook, it is seen as popular and authoritative and will actually increase conversions for new likes. On top of that, the larger the fan-base, the more potential customers and exposure a business will have when an end user interacts with the page and it is published to their entire friend list. This is just one example of how social networks are growing businesses.

Around the Clock Exposure and Marketing

Global and local companies can benefit from social media marketing because of its constant access and visibility. Consumers are connected to the internet and their social networks more than ever before with smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops and PCs. Even if you aren’t in operation twenty-four hours a day, your social pages and marketing campaigns will be. Users log onto their social profiles several times a day and at all hours of the day, which means that they may see your ads, updates or offers at varying times. Social pages are ideal for both marketing to current customers and subscribers, as well as attracting new ones.

Did you know that you can even target certain groups of people? Facebook’s advertising platform allows for highly zoned in targeting based on geographical location, interests, gender, current liked pages, and much more. When you run a print or television ad, it is often viewed by a large majority of untargeted viewers with the hopes of catching the targeted consumer’s attention. This type of advertising can also be very expensive compared to its return, which is why social network marketing is extremely attractive and effective.

A Few of our Top Social Media Services

We understand that your time is important and that you may not have enough manpower or hours in the day to remain active and marketing on social media networks - that's where we come in. We’ll become immersed in your company and what you do; retaining that during our business relationship.

Social Network Management

Focus on your business while we focus on your social media. Webdigia specializes in all aspects of social network management. We’ll publish posts, interact with subscribers, delete unwanted links and content shared on your page and moderate comments that may be harmful to your brand or employees. Consistent interaction and posting is critical to maintaining and growing social network pages.

Social Network Marketing

Social media marketing is an excellent way to obtain new members of a social page, as well as directing to a product or service sales landing page. Webdigia has a team of experts who create graphic ads, choose competitive and ideal cost per click allocation, generate sales copy for compelling titles and descriptions and constantly monitor and optimize several variations of ad campaigns on a daily basis for each client. Poor performers are discarded while new ads are created, and good performers are optimized to perform better. We’ll laser target your ad campaigns to get your ad directly in front of your desired market.

Social Network Creation & Development

If you don’t currently have a social media presence, don’t worry - Webdigia is here to help. Our passionate team will create profiles on all your requested social networks and outfit them with: an about section, hours of operation, physical address, contact details, profile photos (including Facebook Covers), backgrounds (including custom Twitter Backgrounds) and more. Social media offers instant connectivity and interaction; get started with your social presence today.

Social Media Consulting

Sometimes we encounter businesses that don’t have a single clue how to even begin on the popular social networks. When this is the case, we often come across businesses setup as a profile rather than a page and other common and avoidable mistakes. Webdigia will work with you every step of the way to make sure your social media presence is professional, correct and active. We’ll provide ways to increase your exposure, generate new members and customers, ways to create engagement and much more.

We are also available by phone - 888-932-4898 ext. 1

Top Fortune 500 brands rely on Social Media Marketing


Making changes to our website has always been a chore. The company that designed our website would make the changes, but not in a timely fashion. Webdigia’s maintenance service has kept our website up to date which has lead to an increase of our online conversions! We could not ask for a better service!

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