Reputation Defense

While it’s important for you and your business to be online, it’s also important that you protect your image so that search results accurately represent your company and brand. Our service helps to eliminate or suppress poor PR or inaccurate information regarding your identity. Even if the information is false, it can be seriously damaging for current and future business relationships.

Establishing a professional and accurate online presence is essential to improving your reputation in the eyes of those searching for your business and its reviews online. We can improve your search engine rankings, as well help uncover poor reviews that are unjustified.

When you search for your business online, is the front page littered with descriptions and results that are inaccurate or making you look bad? Control what those online see when they search for you. We have developed a solution that allows us to suppress unwarranted and irrelevant search results to portray what you really represent to your potential and current customers.

Search engines deliver instant feedback regarding businesses, and customers use them to judge whether or not they intend to do business with you. If you have the same name as somebody else, or your company has a very similar or exact name as another who publishes questionable content or has negative feedback; you could be suffering harsh consequences without even knowing it. You don’t want to lose a customer because of poor reviews or misleading information that is either incorrect or not part of your company at all.

The days of going to the phone book to look up a company is practically extinct. With access to the web almost instantaneously, more and more people are using search engines to search for your company and evaluate your brand or products. Even outdated information can harm your online reputation. Let us control what searchers see when they search for you!