Video Spokesperson | Website Virtual Salesperson

Video Spokesperson

A Video Spokesperson or Online Spokesmodel is one of the quickest ways to instill trust, create a professional image and to set yourself apart from your competition. The key in today’s market is being different than the rest, and utilizing this effective tool for your business can make the difference for your potential clients or customers.

Pointing your websites visitors in the right direction and breaking things down through the use of a video spokesperson is like having a digital employee working for you nonstop and around the clock. Guiding your visitors or leads as we like to call them, will help you to effectively prevent the loss of sales and really establish your professionalism online.

A video spokesperson works by having a real live face talking to your visitors in a way that cannot be matched by text, pictures, or other illustrations. A picture is worth a thousand words, which means you don’t want your visitors to misinterpret anything the wrong way. Guide them through who you are, what you do, and what you can offer all in a matter of minutes. You can even create that urgency for them to pick up the phone and give you a call if you so desire.

One disadvantage to the internet for some people is the lack of a personal voice or touch. Those who relate better to speaking to someone or visually having them in front of them can relate easily through the use of a video spokesperson. So whether you need to describe your product or service, layout a process, or other key part of your business, a video spokesperson can do it professionally and reduce the amount of questions or concerns they may have from just reading plain old text.

Your Websites Virtual Salesperson

The importance of using your businesses website to generate leads and sales is something that should never be overlooked. Focusing on offline only can hinder your growth and brand awareness. Traditional means of communication like hand gestures and verbal messages in person to person contact are just not available to a standard website.

Standing out from your competitors and boosting sales through positive conversions can be done through the use of a virtual salesperson. The use of this technology has revolutionized the way businesses can communicate with your website visitors in a way that the end user finds helpful and can relate to.

Through the use of a virtual salesperson you are captivating their interest, and effectively connecting with them on a more personal level. Those two benefits alone are worth their weight in gold for conversions. Limit the guessing and uneasiness of your visitors and turn them into life-long returning customers.

Benefits -

The benefits to using a video spokesperson or virtual salesperson are really unlimited in their offerings.  You can quickly grab the attention of your website’s visitors and connect with them on a more personal level that instills trust; but that’s only the beginning.

Utilizing a face with a name or a product can act like an employee that isn’t available with plain text.  Easily create call to actions and eliminate buyer’s anxiety with the most advanced solutions in online video spokesmodels.

Remove the guess work with problems like:

  • Misleading photos
  • Human Error
  • Poor Descriptions
  • Charts that don’t connect with the end-user
  • Lengthy reading
  • Questions and Concerns

How it Works?