Drupal Maintenance

Drupal Maintenance and Management

The Drupal content management system (CMS) is one of the top four on the web today.  If you own or are responsible for a website on this platform, and don’t have a long term commitment with your developer or a dedicated staff of IT personnel, you’ll likely need a Drupal maintenance service at your disposal.  Over time a website needs upkeep, content changes and additions, design tweaks, photo and video additions, fixes, blog posting, social network integration and other maintenance requests.  Most business owners and adminis will know exactly what they want done to a site; however they often don’t know to make these changes themselves.  A Drupal manager can solve this problem.  Website maintenance and management can be accomplished in fewer steps and for less of an investment.  Your time and resources are important; being able to rely on one company to maintain your Drupal site can mean the difference of growing your presence online or becoming outdated, inaccurate and uninviting.

What is Drupal Maintenance?

Your website needs changes and monitoring, and that is exactly what a project or monthly Drupal maintenance service accomplishes.  You’ll benefit from upgrades, graphic design, theme tweaks and changes, color changes, layout changes, security monitoring, website analytics and reporting, page additions or deletions, miscellaneous fixes and much more.  In short, it takes your visions and makes them a reality.  Through proper management, your site will be SEO optimized for organic searches, contain the latest web trends and designs, remain absent of security threats, convert visitors into customers or followers at higher percentiles, and much more.

Who Needs Drupal Maintenance?

Whether you don’t have the slightest clue how to manage your Drupal site, or you just don’t have the time; a Drupal management service is ideal for businesses and branded website owners.  You’ll be able to request changes and updates, and then approve them while you continue to focus on other important elements surrounding your business and/or website.  A website has become extremely important in today’s business world.  The internet is fully immersed into our daily lives and is only one click or tap away.  Mobile searches are up ten-fold and customers are basing their purchase and inquiry decisions during their internet research on the usability and overall website presentation.  A website is your online real estate.  It should not have inaccurate information, a poor user experience, be outdated or confusing.  All of these aspects are important for a physical building location, and they are equally important online.

How Does a Drupal Maintenance Service Work?

In 3 easy steps, that’s how!  We know that your time is valuable and that you need a budget friendly and professional solution.  Outlined below is what each step is and how it’s accomplished:

  1. Select Your Account: One-Time Project Fee, Pay-As-You-Go, or Enroll in a Monthly Plan
  2. Allow Your Account Manager Access to Your Drupal Website
  3. Request Changes Via Email; Approve All Changes Within 48hours

If after reading step 2, you find yourself in a panic because you have no idea what your Drupal hosting, FTP or admin login information is, don’t worry -an account representative will assist you in obtaining all of this information.

Why is Webdigia the Right Company for You?

For one, we are comprised of a team of professionals who are passionate about what they do.  When you have passion for what you do, and encourage creativity and recognize hard work, the quality of our work remains consistent and surpasses other companies’ abilities. Webdigia is also much more than your average website maintenance company.  We also specialize in internet marketing and constantly stay ahead of the curve when it comes to succeeding and building or maintaining a brand online.  Because a large part of internet marketing involves continual updates and website management, we decided to expand our specialties.

You can also rest assured that our Drupal maintenance services weren’t just thrown together over night.  We researched the most common needs for managing a Drupal site.  Then we spoke with website owners and administrators to see what they needed to maintain and what the most common updates were.  With this information we devised a solution for Drupal site owners that speak directly to them.  Our services are straightforward and powerful.  We’ll offer our expert advice on your maintenance requests, offer shortcut solutions if they exist to save time and money and never sell you something that you don’t need.