Joomla Maintenance

If your website is built on Joomla, you are utilizing a powerful content management system; or CMS for short.  If you aren’t entirely adept on maintaining your website, or just do not have the time or resources, you’ll likely need a Joomla maintenance and management service.  Having a personal Joomla manager at your disposal means that changes including: updates, content editing, coding, graphics and security for example are being executed on time and correctly.  When you need to maintain or fix your Joomla site, it is easier and more cost effective to count on one company rather than outsourcing each task to separate individuals or entities.  Whether you’re a business owner, a blog owner or a branded website owner, our Joomla services are designed to provide a hands free approach.  Website maintenance doesn’t have to be intimidating or budget busting.

What is Joomla Maintenance?

Joomla maintenance consists of every aspect that is required to manage your website and online presence.  You’ll get theme changes and upgrades, fixes to bugs and issues, content changes, internal link inclusions or deletions, page additions, social media posting and site integration, color changes, layout changes, security monitoring, website traffic reporting and analysis, and much more.  A project or monthly Joomla maintenance service aims to take your visions, and bring them to life.  Most of the time a website owner knows what they want included on their website, and how it should look, but they don’t always know how to make it happen.  With a Joomla manager providing site maintenance and support, you’ll be able to delineate the work to be done, and then see it completed shortly thereafter.  Think of the service as being as powerful as a full-time IT staff, but without the management of the staff and high overhead.

Who Needs Joomla Maintenance?

Anyone who owns or is responsible for a website developed on the Joomla CMS platform needs Joomla maintenance.  When a website is first built, it’s usually perfect at that time.  Over time however, the website needs changes to information and web trends including: employee’s names, the business address, emails, SEO, blog posts, design updating, usability changes, user experience optimizations and more.  Your website is your online real estate, and it needs to provide the impression you want to project on your audience.  Without proper management your online reputation can be severely impacted.  Customers are making purchase decisions based on company websites when doing research via search engines.  One click back to the search results and you are likely to lose them to your competition.  With proper maintenance, your Joomla site will be free of security threats, operating at optimal speeds, be optimized for search engines, provide accurate information to visitors, have a layout and funnel that is easy to understand and navigate through, and more.

How Does a Joomla Website Maintenance Service Work?

It works in 3 easy steps. You need your Joomla website managed in a professional and efficient way; we provide you with a no hassle approach that is cost effective and efficient.  The three steps include:

  1. Choose: Project Fee, Pay-As-You-Go, or a Monthly Plan
  2. Grant Your Account Manager with Website Access
  3. Submit Change Requests Via Email and then Approve the Changes (within 48hrs)

If you don’t remember your Joomla login information, your FTP information or where your website is hosted; don’t worry.  An account representative will work with you to acquire all of this information.  Getting started and maintaining a Joomla site has never been so easy!

Why Should You Let Us Handle Your Joomla Website?

Webdigia has the experience and passionate team members that deliver consistent and superior results.  We’re also much more than a website maintenance company, which means that we can provide consulting along the way on how you should be developing your online presence.  Our specialty (other than maintenance) is internet marketing.  Part of marketing yourself online involves maintaining your website, your reputation and increasing your exposure.  Because we understand what it takes to succeed online, we’ll make sure that you are staying on the right track.

We also want you to understand that our Joomla maintenance services weren’t just created out of thin air.  We first researched what the most common problems and needs were by those who owned Joomla websites.  Then we talked with business owners and website administrators to see exactly what their most frequent updates were.  In the end we developed a solution that was lightweight, yet exceptionally powerful.  We don’t engage in pushy sales tactics, and we’ll never sell you anything that you don’t need.  Our vision is to create products and services that sell themselves because they are exactly what our client’s need.

We are also available by phone – 888-932-4898 ext. 1