3 Website Maintenance Tasks that are Commonly Overlooked

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Nobody likes doing maintenance tasks, but it’s a responsibility that comes with owning a website. In this blog post I’ve identified three common maintenance areas that are overlooked by their owners. As with any asset, a website requires ongoing attention and management in order to create a good user experience and to distinguish yourself from the thousands of others that are out there. Put in the extra work and attention and it will pay off in the long run and even save you a lot of headaches. Are you guilty of failing to do these 3 easy tasks?

Why Maintaining your eCommerce Website is NOT Optional

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Maintaining an online eCommerce website or store is just as important as a physical store. Without proper maintenance you are likely failing to instill trust in your visitors, losing repeat buyers and not converting at your optimal level. Online stores require maintenance to succeed in areas of customer support, prices, photos, sales copy, promotions, and more. If you own or are responsible for the success of an online store, make sure you’ve accounted for our list of the top areas for concern, especially for small businesses.

2 Tips for Local SEO Marketing in 2013 with Knowledge Graph

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Google’s Knowledge Graph made Google Search smarter. What it also did was affect how SEO, especially Local SEO is gauged and compiled. In this blog post, we examine semantic-search and how you can take advantage of it. This will be accomplished through approaches under building quality backlinks and paying particularly close attention to the relevancy of your internet marketing efforts. You won’t want to overlook these 2 tips if your goal is organic web traffic.

It’s 2013, Stop Worrying about Article Keyword Density

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Too many website owners and SEO content writers are still focused on keyword density amounts compared to their overall amount of words in the article. This is destroying the quality of your writing as readers are instantly spotting it and removing your credibility, and search engines are sniffing it out easier than ever before. In this post I’ll show you exactly what mistakes you’re making, where keywords are okay to be included and how to create the type of 2013 quality content that receives the best SEO value.

Getting Started in 2013: Is SEO The Right Marketing Choice?

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A lot has changed in the SEO industry since 2011-12 with the roll-out of the Google Panda and Penguin updates. 2013 SEO places more focus on content marketing and a slower and more natural and diverse strategy. There are other internet marketing options other than SEO to supplement or replace it entirely as well. Pay attention as well to Google authorship and the future of SEO where it is likely that an author’s trust and credibility will hold ranking weight in search engines as early as 2014.

Website Optimization Tip: Keep It Incredibly Simple For Your Visitors

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One of the most important elements to optimizing your website is simplicity and placing yourself in the shoes of a visitor. In this post I show you exactly what areas people make over-complicated and how a website should be setup in order to be an effective marketing and converting tool for your company. In short, a website needs to be organized and incredibly simple in it’s navigation and tone.

[Video] How to Add Google Analytics Code to a WordPress Website (Dashboard & FTP Method)

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Installing analytics on your website is critical to understanding how many visitors you are getting, where they are coming from, what areas are most popular and much more. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to improve your online presence and understand what your audience wants. Watch the video to learn how to install Google Analytics on your website via the WordPress dashboard or via and FTP client.

[Video] How to Upload Media to WordPress

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If you own your own website or blog on the Wordpress platform you can save yourself a lot of time and money if you know your way around the admin area. In this video tutorial we’ll walk you through the process of uploading media into your Wordpress library and even show you a quick walkthrough on how you can use your newly uploaded media.