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Webdigia is a passionate internet marketing company, who also provides powerful solutions in website maintenance and management since they often go hand in hand. Successful internet marketing consulting involves the creation of customized marketing campaigns based on your individual needs, interests and goals. Whether it’s business branding, increasing your reach, growing leads, sales and web traffic, or all of the above; as an internet marketing agency we have the experience that generates results. Webdigia doesn’t believe in simply lumping you into a cookie-cutter approach like other internet marketing companies - because no market or industry is the same.

We spend the necessary time to research your competition, industry and how we can produce the best ROI internet marketing campaign possible. Connecting with customers and clients is the key to any successful long-term business. You can have the greatest product or service in the world; but it’s going to fall flat if it doesn’t reach its target market. The majority of your clients and customers are likely searching for you through the World Wide Web. Don’t miss them or limit your growth another day!

Our core services - "it's what we're good at!"

From SEO services, to our website maintenance service; we’ll educate, design, and execute. A great service is only half the equation and is not complete without the right customer service. Much of what we do as an internet marketing agency goes on behind the scenes, so keeping you in the loop means everything. Your time and money are just as important as our own.

Search Engine Optimization is a form of SEM, or search engine marketing. Through our business SEO and other search engine optimization campaigns, we’ll provide SEO tips, increase your websites authority, visibility in major search engines, and targeted organic web traffic. Other internet marketing agencies may just start throwing links at your site which can be risky, but our SEO services start at the core - your website. The best SEO involves strengthening your on-site SEO and building on top of that with off-site techniques. In order to build a house, the foundation must be strong and sturdy before constructing the rest of the structure. Our approach is very similar.

Pay Per Click is all about onsite conversions. If you want instant traffic, exposure and leads; we recommend allowing us to setup a pay per click internet marketing campaign targeting your customer base and niche. If you don’t already have one, we may suggest the creation of landing pages on your website in order to increase your conversion rates. Through PPC management and PPC optimization we’ll monitor your campaign daily to get the best possible ROI, which means a greater number of highly targeted traffic and leads versus the amount paid for every click.

The power of social media and networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is virtually limitless. Social marketing has exploded, and for good reason. Through social growth and social branding, you can increase your followers, brand awareness, and even run cost per click advertising campaigns through these mediums. These networks are some of the top websites that are frequently visited on a daily basis, and are an excellent way to harness your audience through increased exposure, offer promotions and other means of engagement, sharing, and staying connected. Webdigia offers social profile management, social internet marketing and consulting.

Having a website is only half of the battle in today’s complex and competitive business landscape. If you’re generating traffic, are you also converting that traffic? Do you even know what your conversion rates are? Using inbound marketing tactics, traffic is possible; but it’s the onsite conversions that really count when it comes to your web presence. A good landing page will aid in proper lead generation and sales generation because it squeezes the visitor (encourages them) to seek more information. All of this needs to be accomplished through trust, question answering, easy navigation, and even the tiniest metrics like color choices have a significant impact on your ability to convert your leads.

Our Website maintenance service consists of having a personal webmaster at your disposal for updates, changes, security and ongoing technical support. Essentially it allows you to keep your website up-to-date and user friendly without the stress on your shoulders or the cost of in-house IT personnel. As you may know there are billions of websites online, but not all of them are user friendly, convert their visitors, provide relevant and timely information, offer an easy method of contact or stay on top of design trends. This provides almost nothing to the website owner, because the visitors are going to click away. Our website management service offers hosting, email, reputation management, website updates, design changes and any other website changes you can think of.

The Webdigia Experience

As an internet marketing company, our business philosophy is simple; create services that we would use ourselves. Originally catering to web design, hosting and website management needs, we’ve expanded our expertise to include social media and internet marketing consulting at the forefront. Because of large scale growth of internet use, purchases and research, our services are crucial to large and small businesses alike.

You’ll never find hidden fees, deal with lack of communication, or be provided services that you don’t really need. Our goal is to establish long term relationships with our clients and keep them confident that their satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact us today and tell us what we can do for you!