SEO Services

When you hire an internet marketing company, and intend to increase your websites ranking for keywords; a SEO campaign full of SEO services will be required. SEO services range from on-site optimizations to off-site link building to build relevance and high authority backlinks. A backlink is a link from another part of the web that links back to your website; with quality over quantity being a key component. The more high quality links you have which are relevant to your keywords; the greater rankings your website will derive.

During the SEO portion of your internet marketing campaign, Webdigia may suggest the creation of landing pages. These help with visitor conversions, and will be monitored with various tracking tools on an ongoing basis. If you’re unsure about what services are best for you and what keywords to choose, don’t worry – we’ll help you every step of the way.


Copywriting is an art and is certainly not created equal by those without proper experience. Copywriting involves generating text or ‘copy’ that is to be used for marketing and advertising; often linked to a product, service, business, or person. Content or copywriting on websites is done to help on-site optimizations and to increase your websites organic search engine rankings. This is exceptionally important as the content must be read fluently by a reader, yet contains keywords in certain percentages per page, and certain phrases in order to increase the on-page SEO elements. The copy on the page is often used for both SEO and to persuade the visitor to act (buy, submit details, call, etc.). Copywriting is certainly not limited to web pages and landing pages either, it can be used with great success on blogs and social networks as well.

Landing Page Creation

Landing pages are one of the best tools that we recommend when targeting keywords and a product or service. A landing page with proper SEO elements and copywriting can be a tremendously winning formula, increasing conversion rates ten-fold. While it is near impossible to convert every visitor that lands on your page (“landing page”) or website, the goal is to retain as many as possible. Landing pages are designed to be informative, persuasive and contain elements that act on the brain’s subconscious. Small things such as the colors chosen, placement of an arrow, or the order of the elements of the text on the page all matter. Webdigia has a team of experts who create landing pages that do exactly as they are intended to do; convert! With a landing page, you will quickly answer all your visitors’ questions, provide a few photos, graphics, or videos, instill trust and alleviate indecisiveness, and guide the lead right where you want them.

Keyword Research

What’s one of the most important parts to any SEO service or campaign? Knowing what you are targeting, and that’s where the keyword research comes into the preliminary equation. If you have your keywords selected, great! We’ll take a look at them and decide whether you are on the right track, or could use some assistance and other suggestions. If you’re lost and don’t know where to begin, Webdigia will work with you to select keywords that are relevant to your product and/or service as well as the geographic location, gender and other metrics you wish to target. During the keyword research phase, we’ll be able to tell you exactly how many searches each keyword gets per month in Google. This data is extremely important as it makes no sense to target a keyword that gets zero searches per month; that would be wasted time and resources. Selecting keywords that encourage action and are directly relevant to your product or service is important, as they will be the highest converting since the searcher knows exactly what they are looking for.

Content Marketing

When undergoing an SEO campaign we find that most of our clients don’t have a very active or populated website with unique and quality onsite content.  With content marketing, Webdigia will research your industry and target customers.  Once we understand what your prospective customers are looking for online and what they could benefit from, we formulate this information into unique quality onsite content that will help increase the authority and amount of indexed pages for your website.  Not only will this content help increase your website’s trust in search engines, but it will also be generated around and infused with related keywords naturally, increasing potential traffic from long tail keywords.

The easiest way to accomplish this is through your company’s blog or separate pages.  The topics could range from tutorials and how-to’s, to listing the benefits and advantages of using a certain product.  When you provide a visitor with just the right amount of relevant information that they are looking for but still create a gap in the need for your product or service, visitors are more likely to become a conversion.  Also, content that is deemed as beneficial is often naturally shared via an individual’s social networks and they are more likely to subscribe to your newsletters, promote you via word of mouth and even like your social network business pages in order to stay connected and receive more beneficial content.  Content marketing has many compounding benefits and is the foundation of proper SEO.

Website Monitoring

During our SEO campaigns, we’ll monitor your website to understand how visitors are using it; where they came from, and how your keyword rankings are doing. If requested, we’ll send you reports on our progress showing how your websites rankings have changed from the work we’re doing in the background. Website monitoring is important since it is a key resource to optimizing a SEO campaign and the services that are being deployed. When you understand which pages on your website are getting the most traffic, and where the leads are coming from, you’ll be able to perfect those areas in order to increase rankings further, and optimize pages for better conversions if they need attention. SEO without website monitoring would not be nearly as beneficial and effective, and that’s why we offer it to all of our clients, and use it ourselves during our campaign services.

Link Building

Link building (backlinks) is one of the most common SEO services because of its importance to Google and other major search engines’ algorithm. The more relevant and high quality links you have linking back to your website, the greater your websites rankings and authority will be. Although that may sound simple enough, it is not. Some SEO companies will send thousands of links to your website, however this may raise a red flag in an algorithm as ‘spammy’ and your website could be de-indexed or blacklisted from Google’s search results-which would be devastating to your business and goals. Link building is done through the creation of satellite sites, guest posting, web 2.0 properties, press releases, social networks, and much more. All links during the link building process must be of the utmost quality and from authoritative and trustworthy sources or it could do more damage than good.


When you hear the term onsite, it refers to your main website. SEO services must be done at the “onsite” level in order to strengthen the relevance and SEO components before doing anything off-site. Some SEO companies will simply sell you off-site services without ever looking at your website; and to us, that’s foolish. Optimizing your onsite or ‘onpage’ SEO will help increase your search engine rankings and will setup the groundwork for an off-site campaign. Taking a look at your content, header markup, meta info, website structure and siloing, and images are just part of what we do when we analyze your websites onsite SEO profile.


Offsite is the exact opposite of onsite, and refers to the work that we do outside of your main website. This may be link building through satellite sites, or guest posting; or could even be the creation of social network properties for your brand. Offsite SEO services are the next step after the onsite elements of your website have been perfected and optimized according to the leading industry standards as well as our proprietary methods and approach. Offsite SEO services help to increase your exposure, authority and keyword rankings for your main website. Most of this work goes on behind the scenes as it is not immediately visible unless a websites rankings increase.

Competition Analysis

If you own a business, there’s no doubt that you have competition offline. The same goes for online, and it is imperative that each of our client’s competition be analyzed. It is crucial to understand how their website is structured, where their backlinks are coming from, how old their website is, do they have proper onsite SEO optimizations, and much more. The most significant competition is the top 10 search results for each keyword that we target in the major search engines like Google. Armed with the competition analysis information, we’ll be able to formulate a plan of action that reverse engineers things like their backlink profile, in order to compete. Our end goal is to overtake your competition for the keywords of your SEO campaign, outranking them, and harnessing this traffic and consistent lead generation.