Benefits of Landing Page Optimization

The landing page optimization service for a business’ website can provide several long lasting results.  When a visitor lands on a website, you usually have only a few seconds to gain their trust, get their attention and then keep them there.  Poor design, poor load times and too much information to sort through can cause friction in a visitor from what you are trying to accomplish.  Web design and connecting with an end user can be a tricky and a slippery slope.

Many businesses go wrong when trying to give the visitor every last detail; because while this is extremely informative, browsing individuals have short attention spans.  They need to be directed with your on-page design and provided just enough information that makes them want to seek more in contacting you.  A professional design, call-to-actions, layout and copywriting on a landing page can accomplish that with ease.  Now, let’s cover some of the most important service benefits for optimizing or creating a landing page on your website.

Higher Conversion Rates

Every business website can benefit from and would never turn down the chance to receive a higher conversion rate percentage.  A conversion is when a visitor to a website submits their contact details, calls the company or sends an email.  They have gone through the process of landing on the website, becoming a warm lead and then becoming an actual lead and potential paying customer.  Landing pages are designed to generate higher conversion rates and there’s several metrics to why they work so well.

A landing page for search engine optimization or pay-per-click or both contain elements that don’t distract the lead to other areas, (ie: no navigation buttons or links) but rather answer their underlying questions, instill trust through a professional looking design, relevant photos and even real reviews.  If you want higher conversion rates, landing page optimization is one of the quickest routes and it won’t break the bank either.  It’s truly an investment that will pay for itself over the long run.  Think of landing page optimization as being the same as ensuring that your sales associate is well equipped to close their sales.

Why Should You Outsource this Service?

It’s ideal for a business to outsource their landing page optimizations because it is such a specialized service.  It is often extremely hard for someone who is either affiliated with or owns the company to sit there and constructively criticize their own website and its content; especially when they have no background in conversion optimization and design.  Employing someone to handle this for you as a business means instant results and benefitting from specialized experience.

Internet marketing companies, such as Webdigia understand what it takes to connect with a visitor subconsciously: how to gain their trust, answer the questions they are likely considering which could be holding them back, and get their attention at the same time.  The slightest changes in connecting with a target market successfully can have drastic results in both time on the page and conversions.

Landing Pages Provide Data

While a website itself can provide information through analytics, a landing page can paint a much better picture at how you’re doing with lead generation.  A website is no longer being used as just a business card online, it’s being used to bring in more revenue and increase brand awareness.  Using tools to accomplish that is critical.

Landing pages allow you to work off of data sets to change colors, conversion buttons, pictures, titles and other sales copy in order to see which provide the best outcome.  This is known as A/B testing and is a method that will provide the best possible conversion rates from your traffic.

Benefit from a Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

Did you know that optimizing a landing page can provide a lower customer acquisition cost than almost any other form of marketing you are currently running?  Again, referring to our sales employee example above, consider the following.  As a business, it is much cheaper to provide training and support to a current sales employee who may be doing okay, but not great to improve their sales tactics, than it is to fire them and hire a new one.

Landing pages which are optimized do exactly the same thing for you on your website.  Here’s one difference though, your website can bring in leads 24-hours a day and 7-days a week.  That is why it is so important to ensure that you are converting your website’s visitors at a high percentile.  More conversions for less spend means a significantly lower customer acquisition cost for your business which can have a big impact on your revenue.  This really comes into play when you are paying for traffic via Pay-Per-Click.

Why is Message Match Important?

Message match refers to the keywords you are targeting for traffic (paid or organic) matching the onsite text or sales copy.  Ranking well in SEO and doing well in PPC are all about relevancy, which means it is crucial to have consistency in your onsite text and keywords that are being targeted.

One important element of a Pay-Per-Click campaign via Adwords is the quality score of the campaign which is directly impacted by cohesiveness of the keywords and the content to where you are directing your traffic.  A higher quality score leads to higher ranking placement of your ads, and a lower cost-per-click.  Message match is also vital because it will connect with the visitor on a deeper level if it reflects precisely what they are searching for.  This will end up leading to better conversions too.

The Single Call-To-Action

Another problem many website’s and landing page’s have is multiple call-to-actions.  This can be distracting to a visitor and provide additional friction that isn’t necessary.  The page should be optimized and streamlined so that the focus is on the single and only call-to-action.  The most common is a quick contact form with a large and bright submission button.

CTAs or call-to-actions may have short snippets and titles that help even further with conversions.  They could be: “get your free copy now,” “start my trial,” “request to be contacted,” “risk-free guaranteed,” and “60-day money-back guarantee,” for example.

Reduction in Clutter Equals a Lower Bounce Rate

Visitors have short attention spans, and if they can’t find what they are looking for in the first few seconds of landing on a website, they are going to navigate back to the search results to find another option; or they may even close their browser altogether.  When this happens, your bounce rate is negatively impacted.  Bounce refers to a visitor entering and then exiting your website, with a quick exit being detrimental for many reasons.

In order to retain a visitor’s attention and increase your chances of making them a lead, your website needs to be reduced of clutter.  Any friction that prevents the visitor from becoming a lead needs to be optimized and corrected.  Whitespace is worth its weight in gold when it comes to optimization.  Less clutter with easy to access information and a clear call-to-action will lower your bounce rate and result in more leads.