WordPress Maintenance & Support

Receiving the honor of being one of the most popular and fastest growing website content management platforms, WordPress is both flexible and powerful.  If you currently own a website on the WordPress CMS (or want one) it is likely that you will also need an individual or group of individuals to provide a WordPress maintenance service.  Business owners, blog owners and other website owners often know what they want to include or change on their website, but they often don’t have the time to make these changes or updates.  Furthermore, what happens when WordPress updating surpasses your skill-set, and you need maintenance and updating to areas of security threats, display errors, coding, and other technical back end and front end needs.

Wordpress Maintenance and Management

What is WordPress Maintenance?

Wordpress maintenance and management is probably exactly what you think it is.  By having a WordPress manager, be it a company or a consultant, you’ll be able to turn your visions and goals into a reality and fix WordPress issues that you encounter.  Maybe you want to add a page to your WordPress website, fix a WordPress issue, change content, add content, insert optimized images, add a plugin, and customize the colors or layout of your site, or even setup social integration and a newsletter signup.  All of these and more are possible with a finely tuned WordPress management service.  Most business and individuals don’t need to hire a full time individual for this, and seeking out a freelancer each time something needs tending to, and individually screening them to ensure their quality, takes too much time.  Customizable monthly WordPress maintenance plans are a perfect solution to this ongoing need and can incorporate all aspects of digital media and marketing rather than just design or development.

Who Needs a WordPress Maintenance Service?

If you’re reading this page, then YOU probably do right?  Anyone who owns a WordPress website that must remain up to date, with the latest web trends, free of security threats, frequently published blog posts and other content and layout additions will likely need to manage their WordPress site.  These people are typically business owners, bloggers, internet marketers and branded website owners.  We’ve also found that they can be fairly fluent with WordPress for publishing posts, including images, creating new pages and other options within the dashboard; however they often run into more technically advanced issues that they cannot or wish not to handle on their own.  That’s where we come in.  A properly managed WordPress site or blog can have a significant impact on your visitor retention, authority, impression, conversion rates and revenue, search engine placement and much more.

How Does the WordPress Maintenance Service Work?

You need updates and changes; we make that happen in 3 easy steps.  First you’ll choose how you want the relationship to go.  Do you want to do a one-time project fee, pay as you go, or enroll in a monthly WordPress maintenance plan?  Once your account is created we’ll work with you to gain access to your website or blog so that we may perform the coding and other ongoing updates that you request.  Finally, all you need to do is email or call us with your maintenance requests and we take care of the rest.  If we believe you could benefit from doing a task a different way or could use a plugin to save time and resources we’ll let you know.  Your budget and time is of utmost important to us and we wouldn’t ever compromise that.  We’re also open to hearing how you want the maintenance relationship to go and will entertain any reasonable requests.

Why is Webdigia the Right Fit for You?

Simply put, we’re more than just a maintenance company.  Webdigia is a full scale internet marketing and management company.  What does that mean exactly?  Well for starters, it means that we are fully versed in building an online presence; maintaining it and increasing the exposure and brand awareness of a website or business.

Webdigia has a full team of WordPress experts ready to carry out any of your WordPress maintenance requests.  As your personal WordPress manager we’ll provide a WordPress management service where we take your directions and vision – and bring it to life!  Remove that link; done! Add this post; done! Setup a newsletter; done! Host my website; done! Okay, you get the point.  We built this service around you; providing a hands free approach that is simple and affordable.  We don’t just create services, we research who needs them, why they need them, and asked them directly what they want out of this type of service.  Finally, we created this service as one that we ourselves would buy and recommend.