How to Submit a Maintenance Request

  1. Send an email to with desired changes and attach any files if needed.

    Example Format Below -
    Page URL: (provide the exact address of the page where the changes will be made)
    Change: Please include your changes to the above address (please be as specific as possible)

  2. Our web team will add your request to the queue. You’ll be happy to know that we guarantee a 48hr turn-around time, or the request is free!
  3. Once your request is started we will email you telling you that we have started. (NOTE: block time starts when the web team starts reading your request email)
  4. Once finished, we will then email you stating that we have finished, and ask you to confirm that the request is fully complete. (NOTE: the request will be marked as complete and removed from our queue after 48hours of the receipt of our completion email if no confirmation is received from you)