The Power of an up-to-date Website

Web design is constantly evolving and staying current may seem challenging and frustrating.  The power of an up-to-date website is often overlooked or simply not considered.  It is estimated that over forty percent of small businesses are still without an online presence.

The Power Of An Up To Date Website

The reality is that print and media ads are expensive and becoming increasingly obsolete as society shifts to a more digital world.  Most of those you interact with probably have either cancelled their newspaper subscriptions or rarely delve too much farther than the first few pages.  Being bombarded over several years with spam mail and email, many people are accustomed to tossing out fliers and local newspapers meaning your ads are receiving little attention.

Having an up-to-date website that is fully functioning and user friendly will serve as a mock employee available to your clients or customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Even when you are out of the office, individuals have the ability to visit your website, understand what you can do for them, how much that costs, and easily submit an inquiry either through your listed telephone number or email contact form.

Websites Become Out Dated

Websites that are five to six years old typically look extremely amateurish, and lack the functionality and ease of navigation that consumers have come to demand.  It’s important to cater to the customer because they are the ones who will help you grow.  After all, word of mouth is still king and where is one likely to search first about a business name; none other than the World Wide Web.

One of the best ways to promote your website is by affixing your URL directly onto your business cards.  Having instant access virtually any time or place, people are likely to do further research on the web and your website before they feel empowered to fully commit to your product or service.  Don’t miss out on this vital piece of information and limit your company’s true potential.

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